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A Journey through the Hen House

Hey there, lovely readers!

I'm Kirsten, the soulful storyteller behind Hen House Photography. As a native of a small coastal fishing town on the beautiful coast of North Carolina, I've always had a deep appreciation for the sea's calming presence and the charm of small-town living.You might be wondering about the name, and it's quite simple – "Hen House" comes from my last name, Hennessey. But the magic of Hen House goes beyond that; it embodies a place of warmth and inclusivity, where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Photography found its way into my heart back in 2011, and since then, I've been on a journey of capturing life's beauty through my lens. I love to travel and my photography has opened up so many amazing opportunities to do so. While my heart is always eager to explore new places and cultures, there's something so comforting about coming home to the coastal breeze and the embrace of my beloved Hen House.

My love for photography bloomed back in 2011, and ever since, I've been on an incredible journey of capturing the beauty of life through my lens. Studying film photography and graphic design in college only fueled my passion further, igniting the dream that would eventually lead me to start Hen House Photography full-time in 2017.

As a mother and a cancer survivor, life has taught me the priceless value of cherishing every moment. This revelation has had a profound impact on my photography style, guiding me towards a cinematic and true-to-self approach. I believe that life's journey is meant to be lived mindfully, embracing all the beautiful moments that come our way.

Through this blog, I'm excited to share glimpses of my life, photography insights, and heartwarming tales from my small coastal haven. Join me on this adventure, where we embrace the beauty of life,and find solace in the comfort of home within the Hen House.

Travel with me through these captivating stories as we discover the magic of life's precious moments.

With love, Kirsten


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