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Introducing "The Passive Photographer" Series

Hey there,

I'm beyond excited to share the journey that led me to create "The Passive Photographer" Series – a game-changer that took my photography business from the crazy grind to basically financial freedom. Last year, I was hustling like seriously HUSTLING, taking on ALL the weddings and family sessions I could fit in. We had A LOT going on by trying to buy a new house, keep up with our existing bills and still go on all the trips we wanted to, and you know what? I finally hit the 6-figure mark! Proud of myself was an understatement but with the success came an intense burnout. Like usual after the fall wedding season but this one hit way harder.

So, this year, I took charge, and boy, did things change for the better! My "New Years resolution for 2023" was to find more passive ways to boost my profits while still inching towards that 6-figure goal. And guess what? It's

happening. I found smarter ways to make money that didn't involve running around like a headless chicken.

So, What's "The Passive Photographer"?

It's not your average photography course, my friends. Nope! This is a full-blown journey to hitting $ goals and creative fulfillment. I took my passion for photography, sprinkled some digital marketing magic, and voilà – built a solid stream of income. Now I have the opportunity to say NO to some shoots that don't fit my style and not feel guilty about it. I have the time to run my "Mom Summer Camp" and spend every day with my daughter. I am finally confident that all the work and research I put into create this is actually working and why not share it with others? After taking in so much information and investing in different courses and resources I have found "the sauce" and could condense all my info into a working system, meaning I have cut out the unnecessary confusing stuff and have exactly what anyone would need to start bringing in more funds.

Here is What We Have Coming:

  • Photography is my thing, it is something I know I am good and I really enjoy doing. I have been working away -like seriously WORKING- on all things photography and came up with different guides and courses to help others start or better their already thriving business. These guides range from the ultra beginner of learning camera basics, shooting, posing, editing etc. To the ones knowing how to work a camera and wanting to start/progress a business to make some side cash, or for the veteran photogs that are ready to incorporate new active and passive income to professional enhance their already booming business.

  • I will be taking us all on a ride and dive into Digital Marketing and Products. The courses encompass everything from mastering social media marketing and SEO to crafting compelling content and leveraging email campaigns. Im here to teach you the skills required to promote your photography brand effectively and create multiple streams of passive income.

  • We will be learning how to not just be creatives but to be actual "adulting" entrepenuers.It's not just about pretty pictures. We'll dive deep into the entrepreneurial mindset, teaching you the ropes of business planning, branding, crunching numbers (yup, budgeting made fun), and how to attract those dreamy clients.


Let us all say goodbye to the ever dooming burnout and hello to a life where passion and profit go hand in hand. I hope you take my invite to follow along "The Passive Photographer" weekly posts and course opportunities.

Stay tuned for our upcoming course launches, where we'll unveil the secrets to making it big in the world of passive income photography. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive tips, behind-the-scenes stories, and all the inspiration you need to craft your success story.

Until then,



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